Pinot Grigio DOC Friuli

With its straw-yellow tones touched with copper tones which recall the colour of its grapes, very unique and individual; its fluidity in the glass shows it is an important wine, with good consistency. When brought to the nose, it gives off apple, ripe melon, powder and toast smells, which make it inviting to taste. Savoury and compact on the palate: it never leaves us without a moment of breaking, the olfactory notes which recur on the palate give us a very pleasurable fresh feeling and make us understand further, if it were needed, the great substance of this wine of our land.


Sauvignon DOC Friuli

In the glass it has a straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections.

It has a very elegant and complex nose: at first it emits strong aromas of elder, sage, tomato leaves, green peppers and mint. Later white peach flesh, tropical fruit, passion fruit, grapefruit and sweet osmanthus flowers can be perceived.

It feels soft and full to the palate, it is quickly pleasant and welcoming, with a long-lasting mineral savoury taste, seductive because of its aromatic persuasiveness and expressivity, and all the aromatic notes come out.


Traminer Aromatico DOC Friuli

In the glass it has a full, golden yellow colour. If brought close to the nose, there is an intense bouquet of oriental scents: rose petals, roselle, ginger, black tea, with underlying fresh citrus tones.

The palate if presented with a play of flavours and sensations already recognised in the nose, with a good, clean finish which calls for another taste.


Friulano DOC Friuli

In the glass, our Friulano has a warm, straw-yellow colour; to the nose it gives sweet feelings of acacia flowers, ripe melon, Golden Delicious apples, carob all harmoniously blended together. To the palate, it is soft and fresh without sharp edges, round with a good finish with notes of apple and carob which blend with sensations spiced by thyme and fresh sage, leaving us with its characteristic bitter almond after-aroma.


Ribolla Gialla IGT Venezia Giulia

The colour is straw-yellow with slight greenish reflections.

To the nose is fresh and delicate, complex, fine.

It is floral, reminiscent of wildflowers, fruity, has hints of green apple with citrus notes, slightly vegetal with hints of green tea, mineral.

To the palate it is pleasantly acid, light, the sensations perceived on the nose can be recognized, it is sapid and shows a marked minerality. The finish is long, persistent.


Sauvignon DOC Venezia

Straw yellow with green reflections, pleasant and well defined scent of pennyroyal and pepper. Dry and fresh in the fruity notes


Manzoni Bianco DOC Venezia

Straw yellow, delicate, fragrant and well balanced with scent of white flowers. Full and sapid, excellent as an aperitif. Its strong structure is enhanced with risotti, soups and pasta, seafood, white meats, mild cheese and cold cuts.


Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia

Straw yellow with coppery reflections. Fruityt taste that gets ripen through time. Delicate, velvety and harmonic.

Pairs great with appetizers, entrees and seafood.